Thursday, May 7, 2009


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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Welcome to Cal Nutrasciences Canada

The Explosion of Cal Nutrasciences (The Next Billion Dollar Giant) is set to Launch Canadian Pricing and Canadian dollar orders very soon.

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Canada get ready to cheat! How would you like to Cheat and get paid for it? I know what your thinking but we are not talking about cheating on your spouse or your taxes, we are talking about cheating on your food. Cal Nutrasciences allows you to CHEAT on your food and cut 25% of the calories. The Canada Core 4 fusion system is made up of 4 core products including Cheat, Flush, Accelerate, and Lean.
Would you like to lose 8-16 pounds within 30 days without changing your eating habits?
How about a safe effective way of preventing 25% of the calories you eat from being absorbed by your body? What if you could sprinkle small amounts of a tasteless healthy food additive on your favorite foods and eliminate 25% of those Calories? Canada welcome to Cal Nutrasciences Core 4 fusion system. Canada pricing is set to launch soon. CNI is still in pre-launch mode so position yourself now with one of the top CNI teams The Millionaires Club Canada JOIN CNI FREE